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We provide our customers with benefits pin of knowledge about products, as well as to methods of leak detection in drinking water networks . All training courses are consistently oriented to the practice. The use of our products and systems and the associated leak detection methods are internalized. We would be glad to meet you or your employees on one of our trainings. For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Seminars 2024 (english language)

May 21st -23rd



The following content will be taught in the single lectures:

Theoretical basic principals:

  • Sound propagation in pipes
  • Sound propagation with homogeneous and inhomogeneous grounds
  • Correlator mode of operation (analogue / digital)
  • correlation- / coherence-funktion
  • Settings of analogue and digital filters
  • AZ-radio system (acoustic zone monitoring) mode of operation with different pipe materials
  • Geophon mode of operation
  • Autonomous data transmission system mode of operation
  • Pipe searching / object searching

Practical training:

  • Correlation on:
    • Metallic pipelines
    • Non-metallic pipelines
    • Long pipeline sections
    • More than one leakage on a pipe section
    • Mixed materials
  • Geophone measurments
    • Measurments at different surfaces and soil properties
    • Pipe searching with the geophone
  • AZ-radio logger (acoustic zone monitoring)
    • Evaluation of the data acquired
    • Set-up of the radio loggers
    • Correlation with the radio loggers
    • Work with WATERCLOUD software
  • Bounderies of correlation
    • Plastic pipes
    • Ambient noises / disturbing noises
    • reflexion
    • right filtering
  • real case leak detection at selected on site demonstrations

Seminar package includes:

  • 3 overnight stays in a hotel including breakfast
  • 3 joint lunches
  • 3 joint dinners                                                                                                                                           "Attention" : Please register before 26th of April! If the minimum participants of 10 haven‘t reached ,then the seminar will be cancelled.


Please see also the additional PDF´s about the Seminar content


2024_05_21_int leak detection seminar.pdf



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