The great product line of the bestseller PipeMic® is being extended!! You probably waited for this since long:

Recently, the new PipeMic Flex is on the market, with a miniaturized sensor head and an even more flexible cable. With this construction, bends in DN20 can still be taken without problems (depending on the bend design). The previous problem that a water meter has directly 2x 90 ┬░ bends behind it and this was not passable with the PipeMic M,now  belong to the past. The ultra-flexible sensor head with only 10mm diameter and a stainless steel ball head (removable), bows can be playfully taken.

The excellent customer testimonials and uniqueness of the PipeMic product line have motivated F.A.S.T. GmbH to develop an even better and even more sophisticated system, which resulted in the FLEX solution.


PipeMic Flex Vollansicht

A MUST HAVE for leakage detection! Ask us for quotation already today!