Portable professional correlator

lokal 200 pc

  • High-performance correlator combined with a pc software

    Installed in a shock-resistant abs case

    An internal battery ensures extended operation time




lokal 200

  • Installing the transmitters - MB 6 and sensors - at pre-located fixtures 
  • 3-point-FFT correlation with third MB 6 (yellow) possible 
  • Confirming and pinpointing the leakage with a listening device and a ground microphone e.g. Aqua M300, Aqua M200, Aqua M100


MB 6 blue MB6 blau

MB 6 red MB6 rot

MB 6 yellow MB6 gelb

MB 6 accelerometer MB6 aufnehmer

Hydrophones hydrofone


Car chargerautoladekabel




Product Description

Here you can download the Product Description as a PDF File

Product Description