The brilliant combination of geophone and correlator

lokal 400

  • Extremely quick data provision thanks to 6-core processor
  • 2 functions in one unit: acoustic leakage detection and correlation
  • Automatic or manual measurement possible
  • Easy-to-understand display and easy operation due to large colour touch-display


Video Manual



lokal 400 A

lokal 400 B

  • Prelocating with test rod, universal accelerometer or MB 6 accelerometer
  • Installation of transmitter MB 6 and sensors on prelocated connection spots
  • 3-point-FFT-correlation possible with third MB 6 (yellow)
  • Confirming and pinpointing the leakage with ground microphone or universal accelerometer


Sensor adapter sensoradapter

Headphone adapter kopfhoerer adapter

Sensor adapter with pre amplification sensoradapter mit vorverstaerkung

Headphones kopfhoerer

Test rod with extensions taststab mit verlaengerungen

Reset Dongle reset dongle

MB 6 blue MB6 blau

MB 6 red MB6 rot

MB 6 yellow MB6 gelb

MB 6 accelerometer MB6 aufnehmer

Hydrophones hydrofone

Wind protected ground microphone windgeschuetztes bodenmikro

Universal accelerometer universal bodenmikrofon

Charging accessories ladezubehoer

Transport case koffer allgem




Product Description

Latest Software

Here you can download the Product Description as a PDF File

Product Description


The "Lokal 400" Software is to read out and display measurements from the LOKAL-400 correlator. The measurement-related recorded data is evaluated, transmitted to the correlator programme, and clearly displayed in a table and diagram. The measurements transmitted can be printed out and saved as a report once they have been received by the programme

Download the latest Version of the "Lokal 400" software

64Bit program version

At the moment, the following operating systems supported by the software:
  • Windows 7 with ServicePack 1 (64Bit Mode)
  • Windows 8 (64Bit Mode)
  • Windows 8.1 (64Bit Mode)
  • Windows 10 (64Bit Mode)

Lokal 400 - ver. (20,4 MB)