Precise pressure measurement


  • Pressure and temperature measurement with integrated data logger
  • 1.8 million measurement values can be saved
  • Measurement interval can be set between 1 s and 24 h
  • Free updates and app
  • Bluetooth interface for programming and data read-out
  • Chargeable lithium accummulator with extremely long lifetime
    (1 charging cycle = 2.5 million measurement values)




drulo3 A

drulo3 B


  • Mounting the Drulo lll through ½ inch thread or hydrant clamp
  • Programming via keys on the Drulo or via tablet / smartphone and app
  • Downloading the data to the tablet / smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Displaying the results on the tablet, or data extractable as csv.
  • Saving the data in the Watercloud permanently



6-fold charging box6fach ladebox

Transport casetransportkoffer drulo3

Hydrant clawhydrantenklaue

Mounting aidmontagehilfe

Tablet with Drulo-apptablet mit drulo app

Single chargereinzelladeschale drulo3





User Manual

Product Description

Here you can download the Operating Instructions for the Drulo App software, as PDF.

User manual to program version and higher


Latest Version

Requirement for Tablet
For installing the Drulo program through Google Play Store, your Tablet or Smartphone needs to have some specific Software- and Hardware requirement. The Software needs to be an Android Version 4.4 to Version 7.1.2 The Hardware needs to have the following components, so that you can install the program on the Tablet at all:
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • WiFi or 3G / 4G network
  • Camera
  • GPS receiver
  • Internal memory
By clicking the link you will find the current version of the Drulo software in the Google Play store or download it here directly.

Drulo App

Here you can download the Product Description and Technical Specifications as a PDF File

Product Description
Technical Specification
Drulo3 Tech.Spec.