Flushing device

flush inspect

Flushing device used for data acquisition through the level of contamination on the pipe section

Using the data to determine state-oriented flushing intervals

Flushing strategy saves resources, time and cost

Joint development of FAST and TZW

FAST: flushing device, hardware and data acquisition

TZW: methodology, calculation models and services


flush inspect B gis datenConnection between turbidity and GIS data

flush inspect A spueldatenEvaluation of flushing data with conduction of flushing intervalls




  • Creating a flushing schedule: Flushing with clean waterfront
  • Closing / opening valves to separate pipe sections
  • Attaching Flush Inspect to flush outlet / hydrant
  • Recording and evaluating the data, and developing a flush strategy





Product Description

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Product Description
SIGN Flushing Stoten