District heating network monitoringHS Logger

  • Electrical resistance data logger for brandes district heating pipelines or similar systems
  • Battery operated, lasts for up to 5 years
  • Software HS Log free and easy to use
  • IP66 housing with grommet for the wires connecting to brandes system pipeline



HS Logger A

HS Logger B


  • Resistance measurement (Ohm) in district heating pipelines (BRANDES-System, etc.)
  • Algorithm determines leak status based on 3 resistance values
  • Data transmission via radio (433 MHz) to the tablet and / or remote transmission via LoRa WAN



Tablet with HS Logger Apptablet with HS Log app

Switching magnetSwitching magnet


Charging accessories for ServiceMasterCharging accessories for ServiceMaster




Product Description

Here you can download the Product Description and Technical Specifications as a PDF File

Product Description
HS Logger