Autonomous data transfer


  • Now also real-time leakage detection possible
  • Transmits measurement data autonomously to the watercloud
  • Little effort after installation / set-up
  • Extended lifetime of the devices due to low energy consumption
  • Large networks with only one networkmaster (GSM) feasible



  • Installation of noise loggers at valves, hydrants, or home connections
  • Installation of Repeater units near the loggers, e.g. at street lamps, street signs, etc.
  • Attaching the Networkmaster centrally in the network
  • Setting up the routings and cloud test of the network with Servicemaster and App


Tablet with Waternet App tablet mit waternet

Servicemaster servicemaster

Repeater unit with mounting repeatereinheit mit halterung

Networkmaster netzwerkmaster

BIDI Logger bidi logger

Telescope bar mounting aid for Repeater teleskopstange montagehilfe

Switching magnet schaltmagnet



User Manual

Product Description

Here you can download the Operating Instructions for the Waternet App, as PDF.

User manual to program version and higher

Operating Instruction

Latest Version

Requirement for Tablet
For installing the Waternet program through Google Play Store, your Tablet needs to have some specific Software- and Hardware requirement. The Software needs to be an Android Version 4.4 to Version 7.1.2 The Hardware needs to have the following components, so that you can install the program on the Tablet at all:
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • WiFi or 3G / 4G network
  • Camera
  • GPS receiver
  • Internal memory
By clicking the link you will find the current version of the Waternet software in the Google Play store.

FAST Waternet

Here you can download the Product Description as a PDF

Product Description