Tracer gas leakage detection equipment

gas check h2

  • Pinpointing a leakage irrespective of leakage-borne noises and of ambient noises
  • Short response time and high sensitivity of the hydrogen sensor
  • Easy and precise pinpointing of leakages
  • Leakage detection method acknowledged by the dvgw / iwa



gas check h2

  • Leading the tracer gas (H² N²) into the pipe via the hydrant, a drilled hole or the meter
  • Filled and empty pipes can be exposed to gas
  • Significant reduction in the quantity of gas applied by leading the gas into the pipe with the Bubble Creator
  • Detecting the spot with the highest gas concentration with the Gas Check


Bell probe with hosebodenglocke mit saugschlauch

Drill hole sondebohrlochsonde

GasDiffuserbubble creator

Chargerladegeraet pwg

Transport casekoffer allgem




Product Description

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Product Description