Intelligent geophone for the search for leakages


Aqua M 300 neu



  • Simple and reliable guidance to the leakage
  • Tripple function: acoustic or tracer gas-driven leakage and pipe detection
  • Suitable for any user thanks to manual and automatic functions
  • 256 free selectable filters
  • Leakage profile recordable as file, and reporting possible on the PC
  • Colour touch screen, battery-driven




aqua m300 A

aqua m300 B


  • Prelocating with a testrod or with universal accelerometer
  • Pinpointing with ground pick-up or universal accelerometer
  • Pinpointing with tracer gas and the H2 probes
  • Searching the pipe with the PWG


Test rod with extensionstaststab mit verlaengerungen

Wind protected ground microphonewindgeschuetztes bodenmikro

Universal accelerometer with handleuniversalaufnehmer mit handgriff

Universal accelerometeruniversal bodenmikrofon

Tripod big with magnetsdreifuss gross mit magneten

H2-Bell probeh2 bodensonde

H2-Hand pobeh2 handsonde


Bluetooth Dongle for PipeMicbluetooth dongle pipemic

Transport casekoffer allgem




Product Description

Here you can download the Product Description as a PDF File

Product Description