Precise leakage detection

pipe mic m

Locates leakages with unprecedented precision

The allrounder among the pipe mic‘s®
Designed for home connections and small distribution lines

Available with up to 90 metres of cable

3-in-1 function
Acoustic leakage detection + Pipe detection + End detection




Video Manual


pipe mic m

  • Inserting the probe through the meter, the manhole, or with the insertion guide into the pressurized pipe
  • Pinpointing the leakage through maximum noise indication
  • Connecting the pipe locator with the banana plug and conducting the search for the pipe / end detection
  • Integrated disinfection appliance for safe usage


Bluetooth speakerbluetooth lautsprecher

Pipe locator (different models available)leitunggssucher

Bluetooth-headphonesbluetooth kopfhoerer

Banana cable for connecting PipeMic with pipe locatorbananenstecker

Hose pieceschlauchstueck

45° T-piece, 190 mm, suits for water meter space45grad t stueck

Insertion guideeinfuehrhilfe

Desinfection liquiddesinfektionsmittel

Bluetooth-Dongle for Aqua M300bluetooth dongle pipemic

GK-couplers with inner and outer threadgk kupplungen

9V batterybatterie

Charging accessoriesladezubehoer aqua m40

Accessory casezubehoerkoffer




Product Description

Here you can download the Product Description as a PDF File

Product Description