The multi-functional noise logger

bidi logger

  • To be applied as monitoring system (Lift & Shift / Permanent / Network) and as multi-sensor correlator
  • Most simple programming with tablet and servicemaster
  • Free AZA-OAD software with automatic updates
  • Available in various sizes, versions and sensor types



WaterNet Setup



BIDI Logger Video Manual




bidi logger A

  • Attaching the loggers at valves, hydrants or in manholes
  • Recoding minimal noise levels during night-time
  • Radio data transmission to the tablet or to the Watercloud
  • Detecting leakages with multi-sensor correlation (BIDI Logger)

bidi logger B

bidi logger C


Tablet with AZA-OAD Softwaretablet mit aza oad


Network-MasterNetwork Master

Mobile-MasterMobile Master

Smart BridgeSmart Bridge


Holding magnet with angle adapterhaltmagnet winkeladapter

Transport casekoffer allgem

Transport boxtransportbox

Antenna extension cableAntenna extension cable

Telescope barteleskopstange gruen

Telescope bar mounting aid for Repeaterteleskopstange rot

Switching magnetschaltmagnet

Charging accessory for Servicemasterladezubehoer servicemaster



Operation Manual

Quick Start Guide

Product Description

Here you can download the Operating Instructions for the AZA-OAD software, as PDF

User manual to program version and higher

Operating Instructions

User manual to program version and higher

Operating Instructions

Latest Version

Requirement for Tablet
For installing the AZA-OAD program through Google Play Store, your Tablet or Smartphone needs to have some specific Software- and Hardware requirement. The Software can be used from Android Version 4.4 up to the latest Version. The Hardware needs to have the following components, so that you can install the program on the Tablet at all:
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • WiFi or 3G / 4G network
  • Camera
  • GPS receiver
  • Internal memory
By clicking the link you will find the current version of the AZA-OAD software in the Google Play store or download it here directly.


Here you can download the Quick Start Guide for the AZA-OAD software, as PDF

Quick Start Guide to program version and higher

Operating Instructions

Here you can download the Product Description as a PDF File

Product Description BIDI Logger
BIDI Logger