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FAST GmbH has pushed the development of “Smart City“ in recent years to make future water supply even more secure and even more efficient.

Remote leakage-borne data transmission to the WATERCLOUD online software ensures leakage detection in real-time. This is a major contribution towards sustainable management of the precious resource “water“.

The award-winning developments by FAST GmbH also comprise conventional technologies such as correlators or listening devices, whose quality and functionality have made the FAST brand well-known across country’s frontiers.

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Correlation Pinpointing Prelocating Pipe Searching Monitoring

Leakage detection in detail

Technologies capable of pinpointing a
leakage. The position needs to be determined so as to dig a hole just big enough to repair the damaged pipe.

Correlation is also a technology to pinpoint a leakage, but this technology has been separated from pinpointing due to its significance. The underlying principle is to correlate two acoustic signals. As a result, the distance to the leakage spot is indicated where to find the leakage. Often the result of a correlation is double-checked with a pinpointing technology.

Prelocating is the step prior to pinpointing to identify the pipe section with the leakage.

If there is no map of the supply network, the location of the particular pipe needs to be determined first. There are several electric and acoustic procedures available to do so.

Monitoring is the umbrella term for technologies which permanently record data. Data recording allows to compare the gathered and thus to receive very exact information on the current state of the supply network. If there is a leakage, further steps will be taken as described above.

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